Yes – neuropathy can be reversed!

For a long time, doctors thought nerve damage form peripheral neuropathy was irreversible. They believed that once the nerves died, the only help was medication to give temporary relief.

Thanks to cutting edge research and advanced treatment options, neuropathy sufferers are not only reducing or eliminating their reliance on painkillers, but actually regaining nerve function that they thought they’d lost forever.

At LightWave Wellness, we’re proud to be among a small group of medical experts who are helping patients reverse their neuropathy symptoms and return to more active, fulfilling lifestyles


Let’s take a refresher course on this common condition.

Peripheral neuropathy is an umbrella term for progressive damage to the sensitive nerves of your feet and toes. Diabetes and chemotherapy are the two most common causes, but certainly not the only ones – injuries, autoimmune disease, exposure to toxins or certain medications are some of the hundred of causes.

There is always constriction or narrowing of the blood vessels. Since there isn’t sufficient blood flow to the nerves, the nerves degenerate and die.

Neuropathy can progress slowly, over the course of years or even decades. Sometimes it progresses rapidly. However, slowly but surely, become more and more damaged and symptoms worsen. Tingling and burning sensations eventually evolve into constant, significant pain.

Finally, all sensation is completely lost, leaving your feet numb – and extremely susceptible to injury, balance issues and sleep problems.


No, we’re not saying that our treatment is going to make you feel like a kid again. Nor can we promise perfect results in every case. It’s not magic.

But at the same time, “revolutionary” is absolutely a fair word to use.

If you want to:

  • Significantly reduce the amount of medication you take to control your neuropathy – or maybe even eliminate it altogether
  • Regain much of the feeling and nerve function you thought you’d maybe lost forever
  • Return to activities you used to enjoy

…Then our Neuropathy Reversal program will absolutely give you the best chance to accomplish these goals. Most people who undergo this treatment experience significant reduction in symptoms and improvement in their condition.

So what do we do?

Firstly, not everyone qualifies for this program.

To see if Dr Lagstein will accept you into the program, we need to do 2 simple, non-invasive tests to determine:

  • Do you have neuropathy and to what extent
  • Is it too early or too late to treat
  • Are there any disqualifying conditions

If you do qualify, we will review our program.


  • Infra red lights to open up constricted blood vessels and allow the nerves to regenerate


  • Photobiomodulation bed to increase stem cells and nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide opens up constricted blood vessels

  • Stem cell acoustical wave therapy (Shockwave) for pain management and regeneration of nerves
  • Medi messager for pain and numbness
  • Neutrogenics – all the supplement you need in one capsule
  • Nutritional program to decrease inflammation

For  a limited time, we are offering a free consultation

We want to help you get your life back!


Chronic pain robs us of our ability to do the things we used to enjoy.

Our lifestyle is compromised because trying to resume activity causes more pain and regret for trying to capture the past.

Most people think that they need to live with pain after an accident, trauma, exercising or just getting older.

Often, because of structural damage, doctors have offered surgery to correct the damage.

Many people, in weighing the risk-reward of surgery have opted either to live with the pain or try “comfort” solutions- like physical therapy, acupuncture, medication, online gadgets. At best, these offer temporary relief.

The problem in these instances is inflammation.

Either the structural problem leads to inflammation, or there actually is no structural problem- just lingering inflammation. This often gets worse over time- either through inactivity or favoring the area by limping or overuse.

There are high tech technologies which can reduce or eliminate inflammation.

If the structural issue remans, we can still eliminate the inflammation so the pain or discomfort disappears, so we can restore activity.

If it is pure inflammation, then we can eliminate inflammation and once again, restore activity.

Some of the modules we use are

  • Infra red lights
  • Photobiomodulation bed to increase stem cells and reduce inflammation
  • Stem cell acoustical wave therapy (Shockwave) for pain management and inflammation
  • Vibra plate to drain inflammation throught the lymphatic system
  • Proargy supplement- also reduces inflammation

The specific program., including number of visits and cost depends on the severity.

For a free consultation with Dr Lagstein call now.

We want to help you get your life back! 


Who is LightWave Wellness?

LightWave Wellness is a wellness clinic located in Franklin Lakes, NJ. We are focused on correcting the underlying sources of your health challenges, helping you achieve the healthiest version of yourself. We provide greater client satisfaction, more attentive personal care, and more effective methods for helping you heal, and stay well, than anyone else!

LightWave Wellness meets you right where you are to help you achieve health. We evaluate each client in a holistic way, looking at your lifestyle, your emotional health, environmental factors, and more. Our goal is to assess and correct the underlying causes of your health problems, getting to the root of your issues and guiding you to a healthier you! We offer many services to help you live your healthiest life including weight loss services, fitness programs, infrared light treatment, and neuropathy pain management. Our empathetic and professional team utilizes a combination of therapies to bring your body into balance and help you find wellness and peace.

When you give us a call for your neuropathy pain management needs, you will be connected directly to our friendly staff, so you can expect immediate attention to your inquiry to all of your neuropathy pain management questions.

How can Lightwave wellness help me with neuropathy pain management?

LightWave Wellness is the number one place to go for neuropathy pain management. No one can help you with neuropathy pain management like us, and if you give us the chance we’ll show you why.

We are dedicated to using the latest, most effective neuropathy pain management technologies so you can live without pain. LightWave Wellness will develop a customized neuropathy pain management treatment plan, starting with natural approaches. For example, we use a photobiomodulation LED bed which helps alleviate pain. For acute pain, it only takes one 15-minute session to relieve pain. We also help you manage your diet and fitness, both of which are vital to neuropathy pain management.  The LightWave Wellness team can guide you through a comprehensive fitness plan to increase your activity levels safely and relieve your pain. LightWave Wellness is the place to go to break free from your chronic pain.

How can we contact Lightwave Wellness?

Please feel free to reach out to Lightwave Wellness with any questions you may have on any of our neuropathy pain management services. You can reach us by phone at (201) 847-7799 or by email at . We are truly focused on correcting the underlying sources of your health challenges, helping you achieve the healthiest version of yourself. Contact us today for all of your neuropathy pain management needs!

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