An experienced health care provider, Marvin Lagstein, takes pride in helping his patients improve their self-esteem and build a healthier life at LightWave Wellness in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. He believes that holistic treatments are essential for enhancing a patient’s wellness and rebuilding their confidence. 

After graduating from Brooklyn College, Dr. Lagstein attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Later, he served in the United States Army and went on to specialize in pediatric dentistry. Dr. Lagstein went on to become a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and dedicated more than 40 years to helping patients achieve a brighter smile. 

Following his retirement from the field of dentistry, Dr. Lagstein opened Light Wave Wellness to support patients struggling to get to the root of their health problems. LightWave Wellness combines natural treatments with cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Lagstein believes that customized wellness plans allow patients to improve their lives without medication or surgery. 

As a dedicated athlete, Dr. Lagstein has completed more than 30 marathons and was nominated to carry the Olympic torch through New York City during the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. He also authored “Brace Yourself for Success,” a book detailing how a great smile leads to more confidence and self esteem. Adults then improve their relationships, get better jobs, and make more money! 

Dr. Lagstein strives to offer each patient top-quality wellness care. When he isn’t working with patients to improve their health, he enjoys spending time at his Myrtle Beach home with his wife, Wendy, and daughter, Fara.

Need help? Call as at  843-831-0050 or browse online.

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